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Coshocton: Lake Park Coshocton Park District
2017 Data

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Plant Name

 First Bloom

End of Bloom

Date GDD Date GDD
Lenten rose 2/24/2017  4/18/2017 
Gold Tide forsythia 'Courtasol' 2/22/2017     
Star magnolia 'Royal Star' 3/8/2017     
PJM rhododendron 4/1/2017  4/26/2017 
Leopardbane 'Magnificum'        
Koreanspice viburnum 4/9/2017  4/20/2017 
Crabapple 'Coralcole' 4/17/2017  4/25/2017 
Common lilac 'Charles Joly'        
Chinese Lilac 'Red Rothomagensis' 4/15/2017  5/4/2017 
Common lilac 'President Grevy'        
Vanhoutte spirea 4/23/2017     
Hybrid sage 'May Night'        
False indigo        
Manchurian Lilac 'Miss Kim' 4/30/2017     
Potentilla fruticosa 'Abottswood'        
Siberian iris 'Anniversary'        
Perennial geranium 'Nimbus'        
Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Tiny Rubies'        
Weigela 'Red Prince' 5/10/2017     
Arrowwood viburnum 'Ralph Senior'        
Redosier dogwood        
Beardtongue 'Husker Red'        
Bumald spirea 'Goldflame'        
Cutleaf elderberry 'Laciniata'        
Oakleaf hydrangea        
Daylily 'Raspberry Pixie'        
Butterfly weed        
Purple coneflower 'Magnus'        
Bee balm 'Raspberry Wine' 6/22/2017  24     
Rose-of-Sharon 'Blushing Bride'        
Garden phlox 'David'        
Sedum 'Autumn Joy'        
Japanese Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'        
Blue Giant Hyssop(Anise Hyssop)        
White Prairie Clover        
Rattlesnake Master        
Common Boneset        
Sweetscented Joe Pye Weed        
Wild Bergamot        
Clustered Mountainmint        
Pinnate Prairie Coneflower        
Swamp Verbena        
Culver's Root        
Golden Zizia 4/21/2017     


2/22/2017 Forsythia is REALLY early; hellebore is getting close.
2/24/2017 Just realized I entered the forsythia date on hellebore - Sorry! I have corrected it.
3/13/2017 We had a very hard frost and there will be more extremely cold temps this coming week. The star magnolia was far enough along that the buds and blooms are zapped.
3/16/2017 The forsythia looks as though the frost got the best of it.��
3/27/2017 Our star magnolia has more blooms as of 3/26; evidently some buds were not far enough along in development to be affected by the freeze. Should we count that as a re-bloom??? End of bloom is 4/17/2017
The red roth lilac did not fully bloom, only the buds that were somewhat protected from frost. Thankfully, we had enough to measure bloom span.�
5/9/2017 - I will be out of town for about 5 weeks, but the committee members are supposed to check bloom span and pollinators. They are supposed to save the data and I will enter it ASAP when I return. Thanks!
Monarda didyma - correct date is 6/22/2017