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Phenology Journal Print Instructions

The book is 8.5 inches wide by 7 inches tall when open; 4.25 x 7 when closed.

  1. PhenologyCover.pdf - Used for cover page only (Original on Coverstock paper)
  2. PhenologyBook.pdf - Used to print book pages on letter size paper and trimmed to size
  3. PhenologyBook2upLegal.pdf - Used to print book pages on legal size with two copies of the book on a legal piece of paper.

Must use file 1 to print the covers. If you can print legal size paper, then use file 3 to print two books at once; after printing you cut the pages in half (7inches) to create the correct size If you cannot print legal size paper than just print file 2 and trim the pages to the correct size to create one book at a time